The Best Foods To Eat Before Bed

Are you sleep deficient? Have one of these snacks at night-time!

We all require a well and proper Sleep for the assurance of good health and thus a well-balanced life. Getting proper sleep will make us work more actively, diligently, willfully and efficiently. We feel good, fresh, lively and healthy after having a proper sleep. Sleep has a significant role in your overall health. When you sleep, there occurs reconstruction of your blood vessels. But, if you do not get adequate sleep or feel difficulty when trying to sleep, then it may lead to serious health problems including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, kidney impairment. Furthermore, Sleep deficiency can result in a lack of concentration due to which you might not be able to accomplish your normal tasks with all your will. As a whole, lack of sleep greatly impact the way you eat, think, speak or even work, etc.  We all know that there are some tasks that influence our sleep. Examples of these include consumption of alcohol, or sighting at lively screens right before going to bed. In addition, some foods are there which can help you to fall asleep earlier and easier. Well, this thing is not very popular yet workable and applicable for desirable results. Make your sleep of good quality by consuming the below mentioned recommended foods as your bedtime snacks after having dinner:


Cherries influence the higher associations of passion and love, but these are also considerable for letting you sleep early. Cherries have the sleep-activating chemical called melatonin. Though, an older cherry will not be able to do so. You need not consume the higher amount of sugar containing varieties of cherries. Rather, consume some bitterer varieties of this fruit.


Turkey contains magic in it as it induces sleep so powerfully. In fact, this meat consists of higher quantities of tryptophan which assist your brain in activating melatonin and serotonin thus letting your body to sleep rapidly. Try to consume it with whole-grain bread as carbohydrates do have some amounts of tryptophan in them.

Cereal and Milk

Usually, we consume cereals in our breakfast. But, it is not necessarily mean that you cannot consume them when going to bed at night. The reason behind this suggestion is that carbohydrates aids you to sleep rapidly. There is also a considerable amount of tryptophan in Milk which makes it the best match of your cereals to be taken at bedtime. Anyhow, you need to be slightly thoughtful in picking up the right type of cereal for consumption, so keep those sugar-containing cereals aside and choose the nutritious one for yourself.

Jasmine Rice

A dish full of jasmine rice might not appear to be the most tempting snack for late-night but is one of the best recommendations in order to sleep sooner. In particular, Jasmine rice has a high glycemic index, which means that your body will digest it a bit slowly, freeing sugar into your blood vessels gradually than other foods. According to studies, consuming jasmine rice at bedtime makes you get to sleep quite easily.